Who Am I? A STEM Contest

Welcome to the inaugural “Who Am I?” STEM Contest.  Each week the STEM Committee will post a set of three questions where you try to identify the famous Scientist, Mathematician, Technologist, or Engineer. Hints will be built into the questions, so look out for those. The answers from each week’s Quiz will be posted when the new Quiz becomes available.

The rules are fairly straightforward.  

  1. The contest is open to everyone, Scouts and Scouters. Scouts must have their parents permission to enter, though. 
  2. You may only submit one entry per quiz round.
  3. To enter, you need to provide your Mt. Diablo Silverado Council BSA ID# as an identifier and give yourself a nickname. (Your BSA ID# is found above your name on your Scouting or Boys Life Magazine or on your membership card or your unit leader has it.)
  4. Cubs will compete against Cubs, Webelos against Webelos, Scouts BSA against Scouts BSA, and so on.
  5. The quiz is timed–10 minutes (so don’t start until you have your BSA ID# ready and a nickname selected.)
  6. No one is allowed to take this contest too seriously.  It is meant to be fun and little educational.
  7. There may be glitches this first time through, so that is par for the course.
  8. The contest ends on December 14th and the winners will be posted on the STEM page by December 16th.
  9. There may or may not be prizes this first time through.
  10. By proceeding, you agree to abide by the above rules.

Welcome to the STEM! Who Am I? Contest-Week 1

Your Nickname (not your real name, please)
Are you a Scout or an Adult Volunteer?
I was an important thinker & philosopher. I lived in the 17th century. I Meditated on the Mind and Body. I wrote about Method and skepticism. Without a Fly, we might not be able to Calculate, or at least that's the story. Who am I?
I lived in the 20th century. I gave birth to an Age on December 2nd near Hyde Park. I was also important in Manhattan. I will always be Elemental, too. Who am I?
I couldn't be Silent when I Sea things Around me. I was born in the same state as a Founding scientist and inventor. You can find me in a Required timeline. Who am I?